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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Awkward + Awesome Tuesday

Sorry for the glitchy header and side bar friends. I'm in the process of fixing this issue. In the meantime let's talk about some awkward & awesome happenings.


• Glitches on my blog.
• When asked where Ghana is, saying "Africa, duh." (I think the person asking meant where in Africa).
• The left photo being blurry and me not caring because I like it.
• Calling your grocery teller A-Aron when his name is Aaron, because you watched this video.
• Shooting in Hilltop. The Tacoma followers will understand this one.
• Your 1 year old being half your height.


• Sunny days, yes I said it.
• Learning how to make kettle corn. Yes it's that easy.
• Jude learning how to talk. "Choo choo," "ssoes," "coo," are his newest works (train, shoes, and cucumber).
• Blog redesign coming soon.
• Pickling our huge cucumber harvest.
• Fall's around the corner, yay to my birthday and pumpkins!

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