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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Double Take: Camo Edition

I have been wanting to put together a series on how I style certain items in my wardrobe, for a while now. After much planning here's what I've come up with.

I've partnered with my friend Alexis from StyleLogical for a weekly series called 'Double Take' featuring one fashion item and our two takes on how to style it in three different ways.

This week we're conquering camo and showing you how we take the edge off of this military inspired style and blend it into our every day looks.

Some basic tips from me to you: 

1. Lace ads a girly element to the roughness of camo. Bonus points if you break the darkness and earthy tones with a splash of white.

2. Sequins work in the same way as lace, adding some femininity but glam-ing things up a bit. I chose a top that went in line with the color of fatigues but with the shimmer took it to another level. Bonus points for toping this bright look with a little more bling in the form of a bold necklace (don't be afraid to shine).

3. Chambray is always a safe bet. It adds texture and a classic simplicity to any outfit. Chambray works especially well when trying to break the heavy look of a bold pattern. Bonus points for mixing in a statement necklace here as well, to add girly-ness to the overall masculinity.

Check back for detailed posts on each outfit in the next couple days. To see what Alexis has to say check her post out here.

Photos of me by Alexis Sargent

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