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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Living in An Amish Paradise

I think the title covers it. This is what I look like when fifty percent of my outfit is from the men's department. Also, my husband had a huge revelation when he realized how big his shirt is on me. I think it was leaning toward: "My wife is a midget."

I feel like I'm probably offending a lot of groups here, well, midgets and Amish. I'm sorry, to all my midget and Amish followers, I mean no harm.

What I'm wearing - shirt/dress: my husband's // shoes: vince camuto // hat: nordstrom men's department (bailey of hollywood) // purse: vintage louis vuitton // bracelets: vintage cuff, vintage silver with coral, handmade silver charm by classic coastal creations // collar: vintage goodwill // sunglasses: thrifted buffalo exchange 

 ^^ This is what happens when you shoot in a city corner that smells like homeless pee ^^

 ^^ Not the best angle, I was going for one of those head up with an awesome hat on model photos. Laughable, I know ^^

^^ Silver details ^^

^^ I have ridiculous hat expectations. I like them to be big and structured ^^

^^ Braving the far corners of this urine infested space ^^

^^ But the smell is just too much ^^

Happy almost Friday!!

Photo credit: Alexis Sargent