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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Out & About: Hilltop Kitchen

This past Friday evening we went to check out the new and much anticipated Hilltop Kitchen. As expected, we were quite pleased.

Despite the inconspicuous building, the amount of bicycles parked in front gave it's location away.

If you chose to head by on a late summer evening (you've only got so many left, so do it!), expect warm, beautiful sunlight coming through the large windows.

The food was delicious (and the menu was much more extensive than that of 1022 South). We ordered guacamole, avocado/mango tacos and popcorn with smoked salt and cotija cheese, all of which were amazing. It was too dark to get pictures of the food (or maybe we ate it all too fast). You'll simply have to trust me.

To drink we got a Pisco Flower, and an HK Daiquiri. The edible flower on the top of the Pisco flower added a beautiful touch. If you've ever been to 1022 South you will not be surprised by the sheer delicacy and deliciousness of the beverages.

If you haven't already, I would definitely recommend heading to the Hilltop area and checking this fabulous spot out.


  1. i love these photos! especially that top one! wow! also, let's plan another GIRLS NIGHT!

  2. Great place, beautiful pics!