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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pickled Persian Cucumbers

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent a lot of time pickling this weekend.

We have had a huge crop of Persian cucumbers (as I mentioned before in this post). Obviously there were more cucumbers than mouths to eat them, so naturally I decided to pickle them.

Persian cucumbers are not the traditional "pickling" cucumber so I strayed from the usual dill style and went with something more spiced (not spicy as in hot, rather, flavored with heavy spices).

I used this recipe from the Etsy blog and made minor changes. I doubled the recipe and cut out the whole cloves because I felt they were going over the top with flavor. Other than that, I went with it and they smelled great. We'll be waiting

This recipe is for refrigerator pickles. They are quick and easy and all you need is a week's notice.

^^ I sliced my pickles thinly because I felt they would be easier to put in sandwiches ^^
^^ I used 32 ounce mason jars ^^
^^ Instead of letting the cucumbers sit in their brine in a bowl for an hour and then transporting them to their jars as the recipe asked to do, I let that whole process take place in the individual jars. ^^
^^ Hope they taste as good as they look/smelled^^

Happy Pickling!

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