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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Silence is Golden

It's been raining around here, so naturally, I've been sewing. I love all types of weather, because they each have something great to offer. When it's dreary out, I become a hermit and hunch over my vintage Singer with serious ambition.

As of late I am making a 1960's a-line mini. But I have the longest queue of pending projects a one-woman show could possibly have. 

Some are well on their way (I tend to cut patterns and then become sidetracked with other projects) and shall be complete in no time at all. Others, are beautiful fabrics filled with dreams. 

I've been landing some great vintage fabrics as of late (estate sale season will do that to you). One, a fall colored medley of vines and flowers, in a sturdy but flowing linen-esque fabric. It shall be a full skirt for frolicking in the early fall winds, beneath the turning leaves.

Another is a sheer cotton in a robin's egg blue with petit rose-toned flowers throughout. It was bordering on the perfect pijama fabric if not worked into the most perfect of dresses. I imagine this exact pattern.

And that's my update. Hope you all are enjoying the end of your week.

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