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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

25 Years of Sisterhood

In honor of my fabulous sister's birthday today, I am sharing a sunshine-y outfit she wore several weeks ago.

She's the best sister and aunt a girl and nephew can ask for. She's my unofficial twin in many ways (we're two years apart). We share similar taste and raid each other's closets. We even have the same eye prescriptions (with the same dilation). Creepy I know.

Growing up we were inseparable. We played together, went to school together (in separate classrooms, which was devastating). We helped each other when in need, and we never needed anyone else. We were each other's best friends. From Barbie to 'NSync, we experienced it all, together.

 So, happy birthday Lana! Here's your very own outfit highlight. Hope you like it.

What she's wearing - skirt: she made it! // blouse: vintage thrifted // shoes: swedish hasbeens // clutch: aldo // necklace: tj maxx 

How perfectly whimsical is that skirt? She made hers while I made this one. Like us, they are exactly the same with a slightly different flare.

Happy birthday Lana again and again!

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