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Monday, September 2, 2013

Mama's Got Style

Welcome to the first edition of Mama's Got Style, a new Monday series where I introduce to you an awesome and oh-so stylish mama to tell us a little bit about herself. I know, I've been all over series' lately, but who doesn't love reliability?

Our first 'mama with style' is Brittany LeSueur of Brittany's Notebook. She's an Arizona native, fabulous photographer, mother of two handsome boys and gorgeous woman (with fabulous hair, might I add).

How would you define your personal style?

My personal style is something that is constantly evolving. Normally I am completely drawn to anything tomboyish, but lately I feel like I have been rediscovering my inner-hippie and obsessing over bohemian dresses. Living in Arizona, the summer gets almost too hot to wear anything at all. My go-to has consisted of cut-off shorts, a baggy t-shirt, saltwater sandals, and oversized sunnies or an occasional baseball cap. I have two extremely active boys, so I have to keep things simple and comfortable. I don't dress up nearly as often with such high temperatures, but when the weekend comes around I love to throw on a favorite dress and some ridiculously tall shoes. 

Are there any trends you just don't get?

I've learned to never say never, but one trend I am not completely all over is printed leggings, unless of coarse it is for gym-purposes only. They just don't look as cute on me as they do my sweet little two-year-old. And now that I have declared this publicly, you will most likely see me in them at the mall next week. 

Who would you say are your style icons?

There aren't many celebrities I follow, but I do have a few style icons. I have always been a big fan of Alexa Chung, and it's probably because of her amazing ability to pull-off all of the trends I wish I could: bangs, short, choppy hair, peter pan collars and neck-ties. She makes being quirky and out-of-the-box very sexy, and I love that she is usually in something vintage or tomboy inspired. Another favorite, which I am not sure I dare admit, is Mary-Kate Olsen. I've always loved the Olsen twins, and when I was younger I admired Ashley and her feminine, polished take on a wardrobe. Now that I am older, I think I am really realizing that deep-down I was Mary-Kate all along. 

What are some trends you are looking forward to for fall?

I am really getting anxious for fall weather ahead and days that don't completely melt the make-up off my face. Fall is so different here than in other parts of the country. It doesn't get very cold, and so I don't get the joys of endless layering. If I did, I would invest in an oversized wool coat and pair it with a flannel button-up, boyfriend jeans, and black stilettos. Most likely I'll be trading that coat for an oversized cardigan and wear it over a tee instead. Other items on my list include: high-waisted pants, booties, something emerald, overalls, and a denim skirt. If only I could pull off leather leggings! I'd be all over that. 

Outfit Details - 

Me: Dress (ASOS)

Will: Shirt (H&M),  Shoes (Sperrys for Crewcuts), Shorts (ZARA)

Dallas: Shirt (H&M), Shorts (GAP), Shoes (Saltwaters)

Photo credit: Brittany LeSueur Photography


  1. i love this series!
    I've just been reading back from the most recent to the first and it's great.
    Can't wait for more instalments in the future!

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