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Monday, September 9, 2013

Mama's Got Style

Meet local mama, Lindsy Brock of LMRPhotos. She's a casually stylish, multitasking, work-at-home mama and road widow with a flare for fancy nails (she does them herself!) 

How do you define your personal style?
I define my personal style as “vintage grunge chic” which is, really, a complete oxymoron and sometimes I want to exchange “chic” for “preppy” because as a work-at-home-mom in the Pacific Northwest I am rarely “chic”.  Basically, I live in skinny jeans and baggy shirts.  I also have large collections of empire-waist sun dresses, baggy sweaters, plaid button-ups, leopard print accessories and leather jackets.  I’m a sucker for a graphic T. I love faux fur for fall and winter. I’m not very trendy. I stick to classic silhouettes and patterns. I wear a lot of flats, but when I go out with my husband I wear tall shoes because he’s a tall guy.  He is a touring musician so I own a pair of leather pants, too. Ha!
Are there any trends you just don’t get?
I love 90s grunge but I don’t get why some of the horrible looks from the 90s are back. Like oversized floral-print dresses or those button-up shirts without a collar.
Who would you say are your style icons?
Gwyneth and Gwen. While seemingly different, there are a lot of similarities. I love how Gwyneth Paltrow can rock the basics and make a T-shirt and jeans look amazing. As a 90s kid, I’ve always looked up to Gwen Stefani for being so outrageous and daring with her style.  I never had the guts to stand out while I was in junior high or high school but I’ve been a total “Gwennabe” since college. I love how she can pull of punk-rock and glam. When she’s with her kids she’s comfortable but stylish and then she can pull off outrageous couture on the red carpet, just like Gwyneth. And, of course, I love that they’re both blonde!  
What are some trends you are looking forward to for fall?
I’m so excited to start layering again!  For fall, I am looking forward to plaid. Maybe I’ll try some plaid pants? Turtlenecks:  so cozy!  Scarves:  on your head or around your neck. And, as always, leather and fur - but maybe this season with something unexpected like lace or a sheer blouse.

Outfit Details - 

Lindsy: shorts (target), chambray (h&m), tank (american apparel), loafers (forever21), scarf (vintage), watch (marc jacobs0, necklace (lovelylittlewhimsy on etsy)

BB: Shirt (old navy),  shoes (converse), jeans (levis)

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