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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Out & About: Portland's Billy Goat Vintage

While on our very quick trip to Portland this past weekend, I got the time to visit Billy Goat Vintage. This adorable shop has a wide variety of women's, men's and children's vintage clothes and shoes as well as a house wear, vintage postcards/books/magazines and a vast collection of accessories.

They especially have a great collection of vintage dresses. I tried on at least ten, ranging from 1960's minis to gorgeously elegant 1950's floral and velvet dresses. And ended up going home with a spectacular 1950's red velvet number (Christmas dress!)

Coming from a Tacoma vintage shopping perspective, the prices were a bit inflated to me. But seeing as their collections are in great condition and very excellently curated, I can come to terms with the prices. For example, my favorite floral 1950's party dress is $198 and a cute 1970's denim wrap A-line skirt that caught my eye, almost $50. A little more than I would normally spend on vintage, but if I was looking for a special occasion it would be well worth it.

I love the eye for detail and arrangement throughout the store. In every corner is a unique vignette that takes you into a little vintage world of it's own. From miniature home decor items, to fascinators in cages and vintage images of dancers, the focus on detail definitely creates a unique touch for the shop.

One of the most appealing parts of this store, to me, is it's organization. So many times you find yourself in a messy, cluttered and unpleasantly smelling thrift shop. It's a breath of fresh air to walk into one with a well curated collection of items, candles that add a more pleasant aroma to the old and used garments, and shelves/racks that are neatly organized so you can clearly see the items being sold.

Moreover, I have had far too many experiences with impatient, snotty and short tempered staff while thrifting and vintage shopping. A lot of times, it is in fact the owner of the shop that displays these negative characteristics. On the contrary, the shop girl was bubbly and talkative, helpful in picking out items that would fit my size and style, and had great stories to share. She even went into the back of the shop to search for coats that would fit my petit frame.

Thank you Billy Goat Vintage for the great time!

If you find yourself in Portland and love vintage, do check them out and if you're interested in shopping Billy Goat Vintage online, they just opened their Etsy store (check it out here).

Photo Credit: myself & Julian Close

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