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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Portland Pictures I Never Shared

We didn't take very many pictures while in Portland several weeks ago (how is that even possible? Time flies way too fast). But I did get a few, and why not share them?

We stayed at the Hotel Monaco. While I've only been to a few hotels in the area (I know the Ace is a pretty cool one), I love the Monaco, it's like me, quirky and cute. Yea, I said that.

We went out for dinner at the Urban Farmer the night we got in, and then the next morning we woke up early enough for a morning walk through the empty streets, before checking out of our hotel.

We spent the most amount of time around The National Bank building, because it's gorgeous and I wanted my picture taken in front of it's doors.

Portland natives are ridiculously nice. Like, double take, "Did that random stranger really just talk to me in the street and not have anything mean to say?" kind of nice. It's like a strange fantasy world of kindness.

We walked around so early that the bakeries were closed, but that didn't keep me from getting a shot of their goodies.

Next trip, I'd love the spend a little more time exploring. I've got a whole bucket list of places I want to try.


  1. Man, these photos sure are making me crave another trip to Portland! My husband + I visited this summer and I didn't want to leave. We still talk about the voodoo donuts we had- definitely were worth the long line!

    1. I love Portland! You guys should definitely go back.