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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rosemary Lemonade

When it comes to lemonades, I like mine with a touch of added flavor. Two of my favorite additions to lemonade are rosemary and mint.

While mint is extremely refreshing, rosemary adds a late summer (almost fall) edge to this refreshing beverage. In most areas, September is still warm enough for an outdoor barbecue where you will want to serve up a delicious, icy, beverage.

I used this recipe from the A Beautiful Mess blog.


6 large lemons
Several sprigs of rosemary (you'll need 3 for the cooking process and then some to garnish)
1 cup sugar
6 cups water


• Boil the 6 cups of water, sugar and rosemary. Stir the sugar until it is dissolved. Once it has, turn off heat and let mixture sit until cooled.
• Squeeze in the lemons, at any point while it is cooling.
• Pour into a vase, add ice and rosemary garnish. For added beauty, cut lemon wedges for your glasses.

Bon Appetit!

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  1. Rosemary lemonade is one of my favorite summertime drinks. It's one of the only things I am going to miss going into Fall, I loved being able to go into my mini backyard + pick a sprig of rosemary to add to my drink. Thanks for the reminder that I need to make this at least one more time before it's too cold!! -Court |