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Monday, September 9, 2013

Sexy Gym Shorts

For the past three months I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of loose shorts. You know, the kind you can wear low slung on your hips, tuck flouncy blouses into and feel comfortable in all while rocking a mad pair of bright heels for a fancy evening out. Basically, sexy gym shorts.

I'm sad to admit that I finally laid eyes on them, but the end of summer is inevitably arriving and with it's departure will go these shorts. Into my summer suitcase, adios until next April (if I'm lucky). The only thing that keeps me going is the ridiculously warm forecast for this coming week and the idea of opening a bag of clothes next spring to a new pair of shorts.

Sadly, the original highlight of this post was to be these strapy, yellow Tory Burch heels with the same sad story. A perfect summer's find with no more summer left to share. I'm sorry the shorts had to overshadow you're debut shoes.

What I'm wearing - shorts: tjmaxx // blouse: h&m // shoes: tory burch (yet another nordstrom rack steal) // earrings: vintage

To all things bright, loose, and summery: may you find joy in this last stretch of summer.

Photo Credit: Lindsy of LMRPhotos
Edited by me

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  1. Love the shoes and the shorts! I bet you'll be excited to unpack them next summer at least, they will practically be brand new!