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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Never A Day Over Sixteen

I celebrated my twenty-seventh birthday today (well technically yesterday, since I'm up way too late), yet I do not feel a day older than sixteen. I used to get irritated when people pointed out how young I looked, now I think it's awesome. I am holding on to my youth and the zest for life being young and immature brings. Yes, I'm a mom and wife who is closer to thirty than twenty, but let's be real guys, it's not that serious.

So, keeping with the theme of living it up, youthfulness and having a zest for life, I decided a red balloon outfit shoot was completely necessary. Happy birthday me!

This post is not entirely fluff and pretty fabulous pictures. I've got some tips for growing old my way, which I'd like to think is the right way.

1// Do what you love, always. As you get older you will (or should!) stop worrying about what others think and live the life you are 100% about. If blogging and taking fun photos is what you've always wanted to do, you're never a day late. Stop caring and start now.

2// Being angry makes you look old. So if you're angry because you're not following your passions, you're upset about getting old, your jealous of your peers, or you feel like life is just a whole bunch of stress, let go. Seriously, drop it all. That sounds so ridiculously immature and flighty, but you should try it. I had my "drop it" moment, and my life has been so fulfilling ever since. 

3// Set goals that are more like a treasure hunt. Like anyone else, I want to look back on my life and feel like I experienced all that I could and tackled as many challenges as I was faced with, but goals should not be stressful. I love crossing off a to-do list and feeling like I accomplished something, even if it's a small and mundane feat, like brushing my teeth. I pat myself on the back for the little things. 

4// Never take yourself too seriously. That's when life just stops being fun. You're not better than anyone else. You could possibly be more talented, smart or beautiful, but none of that makes you better. It also definitely does not make you perfect. So poke some fun and have a laugh at your own expense. 

Photo credit: Abby Williamson

What I'm wearing - skirt: nordstrom // top: forever21 (it's a onesie) // lipstick: revlon "love that red" // shoes: zara


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  2. Thanks for this post. I needed this. As I am on the fence about starting my own blog and currently drinking my AM coffee and brainstorming on how to get started, content, etc, I read this. What timing. Happy birthday, lovely. I hope you had a fabulous day and a great trip to NYC. <3