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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Grunge, My Way

Just like any other style conscious female my age, I have a thing for leather. At times though, I don't exactly know how I feel about the leather pencil skirt. Let me give you a little background on said pencil skirt's presence in my life.

I've always had an opinion about what I was wearing, since I could remember, but between the ages of fourteen and seventeen I was able to dictate to my mother the details of my imaginary wardrobe and she would bring them to life. Whether that meant shopping for the ultimate piece or making it/having it made. 

When I was about fourteen, I had this epiphany and insisted I get a leather pencil skirt. We decided to have it made. So step one was to hunt for the perfect leather material. I found a brown snakeskin style leather (I'm not sure exactly what it was). And there it was, my very own, brown, scale-y pencil skirt. While, in theory, that skirt still sounds somewhat cool, it wasn't exactly right. It was a little boxier than a pencil skirt, and a little bulky on my petite frame. 

I suppose that's what I'm getting at. While I love leather skirts, there are times that they seem more bulky on little me, than anything else. But I'm still going for it, thirteen years later.

What I'm wearing - skirt: vintage // sweater: forever21 // boots: zara // tights: commando // lips: revlon "love that red"

I decided to pair the skirt with an oversized, bulky sweater to add some contrast. Obviously the white + black works in that way as well, while the leopard booties add a little pop.

Photo credit: Abby Williamson

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