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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

LuckyFabb 2013

This past week I flew to New York to attend the LuckyFabb blogger conference. It was two days of learning, meeting new faces and having lots of fun.

I can't say I've ever really attended a "blogger conference" so having so many people with similar interests as myself, in one place, was pretty shocking (in a good way).

We were in different rooms with very different lighting throughout the event, so mind the photographs, I tried my best!

 ^^ Editor in Chief of Lucky interviewing Eva Mendez. The highlight was when Eva grabbed a scarf from the crowd and tied it onto her head ^^

As one would assume, the shoes at a beauty/fashion blogger conference are a highlight of the entire event. Here are a few images I managed to snap of some of my favorite shoes.

 ^^ Eva's in Balengiaga ^^

^^ Emily Weiss's (Into The Gloss) are not my favorite, but they could be your's ^^

And of course, the clothes. I found myself gravitating and admiring the lovely ladies who were dressed on the simpler side. Here are a few of my favorites.

^^ Tera of Tera Rae Stephens in a sultry, boho chic, look. If New York and Southern California had a baby, it wold look something like this. ^^

^^ A simple pencil skirt, chambray and booties (I didn't get her name or where she blogged, so sad). A black jumpsuit with touches of gold and red (her lipstick is a Stila stain called "fiery") 

^^ Classically lady-like on the left (she works for Olay, that's all I know) and menswear inspired on the right.

Until next time LuckyFabb!


  1. Love your recap! I like that you had a focus on shoes. If only I could have thought that far ahead, lol! I am going to post tomorrow and maybe even Thursday with my recap.

  2. Hey! The girl in "A simple pencil skirt, chambray and booties" is Heather (she's actually my friend's sister) and her blog is