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Monday, October 28, 2013

Mama's Got Style

Meet California girl Stephanie Melnyk, a busy stay-at-home mom of two, church volunteer, and soon-to-be homeschooler. She's got a funky sense of style and a vivacious personality to go along.

How would you define your personal style?

Gosh, it's hard to say because it really depends on the day. Overall, I'd say it's pretty dark and edgy. At least that's what people say. Black is my go to for just about everything. As a kid, I did the whole gothic and punk rock look so as I got older I stuck with what I was comfortable with which was the animal prints, hardware and leathers but made it slightly more sophisticated. I even like androgynous pieces like trousers, bow ties and blazers. I contemplated wearing a women's tuxedo on my wedding day. Unfortunately, I caused an uproar with that idea. I also don't know how to accessorize so I go for statement pieces so I don't have to do much. Weird necklines or cutouts, huge cardigans, obnoxious prints, etc. Vintage is also a must.

Are there any trends you just don't get?

Truthfully, just anything immodest in general. There are some revealing fashions out there and I have never understood why women would want to be objectified in such a way. Anything too short or too low is no bueno for me. Also the extremely low cut harem pants. I think my kids are the only ones that can pull off the saggy diaper look.

Who would you say are your style icons?

Austin Powers and Wednesday Addams, hands down. Just kidding, kind of. I know another mom already used her, but definitely Alexa Chung. I love all of her collared shirts and tights. She is just beautiful. I also love Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie.

What are some trends you are looking forward to for fall?

Fur, fur and more fur. Fall is my absolute favorite season because you can wear the awesome winter fashions but it's not so cold that you have the Rudolph nose and shivers. Jackets and boots are kind of my thing so I definitely look forward to this time of year. Although, I do wear boots all year 'round. But like I said, since black is my go to, a crazy striped jacket or a suede and fur coat spices up any outfit.

Outfit Details - 

Stephanie: top (vintage), shorts (forver21), shoes (aldo)

Noah: top (h&m), jeans (oshkosh), shoes (converse)

Seraphina: onesie (h&m), romper (babiesrus), booties (target)

Photo credit: Stephanie's husband

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