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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tap Dancing on Concrete

I got these shorts a couple of weeks ago, and wanted an opportunity to wear them before it got cold. Well, it was already too cold, so I paired them with dark tights and a white blouse to even out the darkness. 

They are my tap shorts. And let me tell you, tap shorts are comfortable, especially with tights on. You don't have to think about how your thighs are looking or how you're moving your legs so you don't look inappropriate. I want to wear tights with all my shorts, all summer long. Except, no. 

You are right, I'm not tap dancing on concrete, but let a girl think she's clever, alright?! Anyways, bear with me as I overload this page with photographs of me running around (imagining I am actually dancing) in these "tap" shorts. 

What I'm wearing - blouse: h&m // shorts: thrifted (Urban Xchange) // tights: comando // boots: franco sarto // red lips: revlon "cherries in the snow"

We had a great time shooting, as you can tell with the pictures below. And might I add, tap shorts, just saying, added flexibility.

And yes, I am around 8 feet tall, couldn't you tell?

Photo credit: Abby Williamson


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