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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Colors of Autumn

When people mention about October as their favorite "color" or that it's the best month, in general, as they gasp in awe at the beauty of the turning leaves, I feel the need to take credit or ownership of it all because I was born in October. That makes sense right? Totally.

 What I'm wearing - shorts: f21 (on sale for $8 and real leather! gasp!) // sweater: my mom's from the 80's // fur stole: random boutique in nyc // tights: commando // hat: nordstrom men's department // shoes: franco sarto, tj maxx

Let's talk about this stole for a bit. I will probably wear it every day for the next four months, so get used to it. 

It's actually a Russian style headpiece. I was scouring New York for a great fur neckpiece when I stumbled into a semi-sketchy prom dress shop and they had fur headpieces on the mannequins. They were less expensive than anything else I had spotted, and were real fur (I'm sorry guys, I cannot do pleather or faux fur). I'm hoping it's not cat fur. KIDDING!

Photo Credit: Lindsy of LMRPhotos

Whether you like your fur stoles faux or real here are a couple of options (some are on sale, but the marked down price isn't reflected!)


  1. such a lovely quintessentially fall look!

    Be sure to enter my blog giveaway to win a $50 Giftcard to House of Boutiques!
    XO Sahra
    Que Sera, Sahra