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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Why Not?

Yes, by "explosion" I mean pairing all of these items together in one single outfit to look like a walking measles epidemic. You know you want to. 

If you do get exceptionally bold at some point and try this look (search it on Pinterest, there are plenty of inspirational photographs of women rocking it), do keep in mind that wearing a variety polka dot sizes and colors helps offset the overall dot overload, in my humble opinion.

While I personally would go for a pair of sheer socks in the case of this outfit, the above polka dot ones were too adorable not to share. Back when I was a fashion marketing intern, I noticed my boss always wore sheer, hosiery style socks with all her flats (even when she was wearing pants). I immediately took to this style and found it to be much more elegant than being sock-less. I hope your eyes are opened to it too.

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