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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baby Shower Perfect Pastel Sugar Cookies

This past weekend I attended a baby shower. I was assigned the duty of bringing cookies, and so I figured it would be the right time to tackle sugar cookies with royal icing. 

My friend is expecting a boy, so I went with an array of fairly gender neutral (with the exception of the baby blue) pastel animals. Find the cutters here.

This was my first time making sugar cookies, so I was very particular with the details to make sure I didn't show up with teeth breaking biscuits. I'm not a huge fan of sugar cookies (or frosting) in general, so I'm not quite sure how to judge this recipe. I guess I could say, if I liked sugar cookies, the recipe is solid and my first go was successful, leaving room for refining and perfecting.

I used this recipe for both the cookies and the royal icing and I would definitely recommend it. 

As far as icing the cookies go, I would definitely recommend getting tubes like the ones pictured below, as they make the process a lot cleaner and easier.

Start with lining the edge of the cookie and then filling in and decorating as desired. I went for simple solidly colored in cookies, but made a few for my family (who do not like icing, like me) that were only lined. I think they look best if you break it up and do a little bit of both.

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