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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Portland Travel Log // Part III - Shop

In my haste to clean out my computer this past weekend I deleted all my photographs from our recent Portland trip, without considering that my third post had yet to be published. 

The few that were edited were of an awesome millinery in the city that I had to share with you guys. I was able to construct the hat of my dreams (think of the amazingly dramatic Lanvin hats several years ago) for about the same price as buying a perfectly new one that would not be custom fit to my head.

The owner and milliner, Dayna Pinkham had so much knowledge to share on hat styles as well as the historic significance of head shapes (apparently the very pointed back of my head, that makes me measure in with a surprisingly large head size is a sign of pure lineage that is most closely related to that of the Egyptian Pharos. I'll take it.)

If you are hat obsessed like I am and you find yourself in the Portland area, you must check out Pinkham Millinery

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