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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A New Year's Daydream

December might as well be the shortest month of the year. Between Christmas parties, Christmas itself and all the food you get to eat (which puts you in a comatose-like state of delirium), New Year's Eve tends to come out of left field. I think the most confusing part to me is that we celebrate it the night of the last day of December. I'm not stupid, I'm just trying to emphasize that nowhere in those December plans do we find the time to come up with the cute NYE outfit we spent most of November imagining. Basically, this outfit is a thing of luck, you either hit a home run, scour your closet for something that sparkles, or you give up and watch the world ring in the new year from your couch. 

Options tend to get limited. Online shopping in December is a thing for the brave. Nothing ever seems to get to me on time, if it ever even makes it (the holiday mail casualties cannot be targeting me alone).

That's when my trusted local mall tends to come in handy. I've been going to the Tacoma Mall since I was a little kid. Browsing through the children's shoe department at Nordstrom, years ago, I recall finding a similar pair of Mary-Jane's as the ones pictured in this outfit. They were black patent leather and had enough of a heel to make a nine year old swoon. I recall touching the shiny leather and admiring their glow. Years later, the mall has many more options but my experience is the same. Going through the eye shadow's at a makeup counter, touching each to see how it blends on my skin, or getting a sample of perfume I've wanted to try; the finishing touches to the perfect outfit.

For about $100 I was able to put together a NYE look with all the elements of a festive outfit. I especially love the gold polka dotted tights from Old Navy, who's durability and thickness took me by surprise. 

all outfit items c/o the Tacoma Mall
dress: forever21 // tights: old navy
headband: francesca's collections // shoes: macy's

photo credit: my sister Lana 

This post was sponsored by the Tacoma Mall and all opinions are my own.

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