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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Handmade Gift Guide: Ombré Wooden Spoons

I browse Pinterest as much as anyone else (a lot) and I am constantly enamored by the DIYs. The truth is, I'm a little rough around the edges when it comes to intricate "do it yourself" projects. I tend to get something wrong, or maybe I chose a project that was destined to be a "pintrosity," who knows. 

While these painted tip wooden spoons only appealed to me in a "look so pretty!" sense, somehow while at the craft store I spotted 60 cent spoons and decided to tackle the project.

What you'll need:

• Various shades of wood (or all purpose) paint
• Wooden spoons
• A dish of sorts for the paint
• A sponge brush
• Masking tape
• Measuring tape
• A glass or vase for your spoons to stand upright in

As far as the paint goes, you can chose three colors that already work perfectly into the ombre color scheme, or you can mix the colors yourself. While in the craft store I chose these three colors, but when I got home I realized some were so close in shade that they needed some mixing to be right. I had some white wall paint lying around and I mixed it with the lightest shade to make it more white, and then I mixed the lightest shade with the second lightest and the second to the third to make it work. Meaning I lightened the middle color and darkened the darkest color. 


• After getting the colors mixed, I measured the length that I would be painting and carefully placed masking tape to mark the point.
• I painted each color at a time, washing the sponge brush and drying it thoroughly before moving to the next color. 
• I let each spoon dry before applying the next coat. I ended up painting four coats on each spoon to ensure the color was rich.
• Once you've completed the necessary amount of coats and your paint is completely dry, remove the masking tape and you're done. 

If you're making these for a Christmas gift, wrap them with some twine, or a ribbon that adds a pop of contrast to the color scheme you chose.

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