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Friday, December 13, 2013

Holiday Hair & Style // 3

The last look in my holiday hair series, like the rest, has a retro flair. Finger waves are one of the harder things to do, in my humble, non-hairstylist opinion. But what I have gathered over the years is, if you have these metal clips it's a lot easier. 

The summary of how to do this hairstyle in layman's terms goes something like this: dramatically part the front portion of your hair (you can kind of get an idea of that from the image below). Clip and hairspray that portion of the hair. Curl the back portion into ringlets. Create a side pony, in the opposite direction of the bangs. In a fan like motion, twist the ringlets around your side pony to create a messy bun. Release the clips and loosely pin the finger waved portion to the bottom side of the bun (if you're hair is longer it will reach all the way and you can disguise it pretty well). For more on this style check out Madi's blog.

The bun is curled and twisted like a fanned roll.

I paired this look with a menswear inspired plaid pant and chambray combo, with some dainty accessories to a feminine flair. I liked having a little pattern play (the leopard shoes and plaid) and texture play (the wool trousers, chambray top, and sequin necklace). I especially like the way the sequins stand out against the utilitarian nature of the top. Furthermore, plaid (to me) is quintessentially Christmas. 

As far as makeup goes, Madi went for a cat eye in a subtle but fun oxblood color with an orange red lip. I am a huge cat eye wearer, so I loved having a new twist on this traditional style.

hair & makeup: madi
photography: abby

outfit details - 
top: nordstrom // pants: vintage 
shoes:  nordstrom rack 
necklace: bloomingdale's

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  1. Love it! The hair has a bit of modernized Downton Abbey look. :)