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Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

I love a good themed party. Christmas, in and of itself, is the best theme ever, but this year we decided to throw an all white (with red accents) white elephant luncheon. Mostly because we thought it was clever, and because snow is white and that's the stuff of Christmas. 

So here are some of my tips, if you've still got a Christmas party left in you. 

1// Come up with a theme to follow and get as quirky as you can. But one thing you should remember, just because you have a theme does not mean you have to be so OCD about it that it just looks contrived.

2// Create a menu that suits the occasion. It's a (fill in the blank) party, get creative and festive. Basically, make your food look pretty and fit in line with your holiday or theme. Moreover, stay consistent. This was my third annual white elephant party, so by now I've got some favorites I tend to stick with. Like Rice Crispy treats, I literally make them once a year on this very day. While I like to have some fancy nibbles, I like to also keep things simple and straight forward (rice crispy treats vs. brie and pomegranate). I feel like there is something comforting about the basics, but also, those "basics" are actually items I only make for a blue moon party.

We had a rosemary wreath decked with mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives. Rice crispy treats, a gingerbread cake with wintery whipped cream instead of frosting, a veggie Christmas tree with a side of hummus and a brie, pomegranate and walnut cheese tray. To drink we kept it simple with hot cocoa and candy canes. 

There was an element of nature in this year's menu so I felt a natural wood tray and a very wintery white forest cake would look great together. 

3// Personalized favors. People like leaving with something. While the point of a white elephant party is to leave with a gift, having something that is personalized and everyone gets one is always a plus. For this party I made cranberry jam and personalized the jars with chalk written names. Check out the DIY here.

4// Don't be afraid to set a dress code. We wanted everyone to be in white, winter white!

Photo credit: All photos by me 
except 8 & 9 by Abby Williamson

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  1. Your party looked phenomenal, I love the all-white theme with the red accents. My favourite dish/decoration would have to be the rosemary & olive wreath - really clever! I can't wait until I move to a new bigger house so I can finally have bigger parties and gatherings - will definitely following these tips next festive season!