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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rocking Rubble - 15 Weeks

Photo credit: Abby Williamson

sweater: gap // skirt: vintage (retrospect tacoma)
shoes: vince // bracelet: goodwill 

I promised weekly outfits to document (and encourage) my style with the growing bump, so here we are. I'm still at that point where I can disguise it, but for the purpose of maternity outfit shoots, I'm embracing some pregnant lady poses. Don't laugh at me, I'm trying!

I can't help the Flinstone references when I wear this skirt, it's just one of those things. Back to disguising, baggy sweaters are definitely one of those pieces that help. Sometimes I feel a little bulky, but that's one of those phases you just have to get through.

I thought about how I can make these outfit posts a little different than the usual, aside from the obvious point, to inspire pregnant women's outfit choices, I hope? I want to discuss how I feel and how that affects my style choices.

So far I'm in a really positive state. I've been through this before, so I have an idea of when and how things will change, so I'm a little less naive and astonished (although, it never gets old when you first see that bump). I am making efforts to keep fit, for more than just the physical reasons. My mood is much more upbeat when I am working out (nothing dramatic, just some light spinning and walking/hiking). With that positivity comes a little more courage when getting dressed. I did a lot of the basics with my first pregnancy: longer shirts with leggings or maternity jeans and scarves to accessorize. This time I want to try a bit more "styling." So far I am still fitting in all my clothes (although the high waist pants are becoming uncomfortable, so bye bye for now), so I've got some fun choices to work with.

This time around I am really noticing skin showing garments and how much I do not like them. The good thing with that is my hate for low cuts and thin straps (or strapless) apparently started after I had Jude, so I am not dealing with too many of them. I also notice lots of roomy sweaters living in my closet, so the change of wardrobe is actually going very well. I do believe I will be in a lot of my non-pregnant clothes throughout this adventure, which is great since I'm not in a place to be spending a ton on maternity or new looser items.

Some tips I've got when it comes to saving money but still getting some new pieces: thrift. And I don't mean fancy/cute thrift stores with a markup. Goodwill, Value Village, Salvation Army, etc. I headed there last week and found a lot of unique elastic waist band skirts, which are great for spring/summer pregnancies. I know this is mostly a no-brainer, but I really mean it, there are lots of pieces waiting to be found.

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  1. hah, this was awesome. I really think winter is the perfect time to be pregnant (not that I know anything about being pregnant) but baggy sweaters 24/7 would be heaven. You look so great!