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Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY Valentine Paper Poms

Making your own tissue paper poms is an easy way to decorate for a party or simply add a little festive flare to your home without going all out. Decorating for Valentine's Day should probably not be as elaborate as Christmas, but it's always fun to have a touch of the season around. 

What you'll need:

- Each pom needs 8 sheets of tissue paper in any size
- Twine (or something to hang them with)
- Scissors

Place 8 sheets of tissue paper one over the other and flatten evenly.

Fold your tissue in an accordion like fashion, making each fold about half an inch wide.

Cut a piece of twine, considering how long you want it to be (if you are using wire, or hanging your poms against the wall or ceiling without a string showing, you'll need a much shorter piece).

Tie your twine around the center of your accordion.

If you want the ends of your pom to be a certain shape (like the pointy tips of a dahlia or the rounded edges of a peony), cut each end either rounded or in a point.

Fan out the ends of the tissue contraption and pull each piece of tissue paper apart separately and as well as you can. This will ensure a fluffy pom.

It's best to make an assortment of poms in different sizes to give dimension to your arrangement. I also like to add variations in color. 

Photographs of my hands by Lana Alisdairi

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  1. Simple and pretty! Will def be trying them! Thanks, Sarah! :)