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Monday, February 24, 2014

No Makeup Monday - 19 Weeks

Photo credit: Alexis Sargent 

Outfit -
jeans: citizens // boots: franco sarto 
top: ancient target // cardigan: zara
bag: vintage coach
scarf: shop in paris, can't remember the name

I run errands in ankle boots and jeans, without a face of makeup. Because, who wants to waste makeup wearing (which is just tiring and not that great for your face) on a random day of errands? Not me.

But mostly, I dislike every day makeup wearing. It's not something I have ever done or ever want to do. And that means being ok with leaving the house without it. I also feel like you feel way more special when you do dress up, if you're used to a natural face. Versus feeling like you always have the same makeup on and therefore it's never anything special.

Anyways, I was sick of seeing perfect photographs all over pinterest (and the various blogs I read) that were a far cry from day to day reality. So here is an outfit that is a reflection of a regular day for me (greasy hair and all).