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Monday, March 24, 2014

Little Preggo on the Prairie - 23 Weeks

Spring has sprung, and while it's still frigidly cold (in the shade) we Washingtonians go crazy with the sun's appearance. As in, "get your sandals and shorter skirts/dresses out, it's time to party!"

While it was not necessarily fitting to be wearing the bottom half of this dress, I enjoyed the warm rays on my bare, luminescent and gooey from a winter's worth of covered up-ness, legs.

Despite the sleeves on this dress seeming a little overwhelmingly poofy at moments, I like the overall feel. It's a soft cotton, easy, loose and has a belt for some added definition. I say added definition and I'm sure some of you are like "oh whatever! Mumu!" 

Great, let me clarify, I do not do pregnancy body con dresses. Well, I would wear a fitted dress, but not in the style I see in so many maternity shops. That ruched side seam, gag me. There's so much more out there, offered to us by all the baby-fevered-out ladies of the 1970's (I'm convinced that's why the style of the 70's is so baby bump friendly, they were all warm and fuzzy, procreating like little hippie rabbits).

You wanna hear another one of my theories? No? Tough luck. The huge bust-ward regions of the 1950's dresses: I say the baby boom left all these ladies with knockers. You know, popping kids out left and right with constant pregnant lady watermelons. It makes sense to me.

And so my maternity outfits continue into warmer months. I have already purchased a few flowing maxi dresses that I cannot wait to get into. Does anyone else cringe at the thought of a maxi and a coat, or whatever it is people wear with maxis to stay warm? Even sweaters bother me. I prefer my maxis with substantial sleeves of some sort so I don't have to cover up in any other way.

On another note, I'm growing out my ombre tips, but want to preserve the length of my hair. So I feel a little goofy and unkept, but I'm willing to wait for the sake of longer hair.

Photo Credit: Abby Williamson

Outfit - 
dress: vintage (from urban xchange) 
shoes: kate spade saturday

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