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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Monochrome A Little Late - 20 Weeks

Photo credit: Abby Williamson

Outfit - 
sweater: forever21 // skirt: target
cuff: goodwill // necklace: vintage // shoes: prada

I'm 22 weeks right now, but I am behind on sharing outfits so here's a peek at two weeks ago.

It was one of those gorgeous late winter days that allow you to sit out in the sunshine in a light sweater, but once that sunshine high fades, you realize you are freezing your butt off. That placid look in my eyes is actually my eyeballs freezing over.

This outfit reminds me of how bulky pregnancy can get, especially on a little person like myself. I still like it, especially since I'm always down for a monochrome look. 

With the weather warming I am very excited to get into more loose skirts and floral patterns. Here's to spring!

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