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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

On A Rainy Day

A rainy day is no excuse to sit inside and sulk, especially in the spring. Spring rain is happy rain. So we decided to put warm sweaters over goofy hoodies and slip our boots on to tromp around outside.

We walked far and wide around the neighborhood keeping an eye out for all the little flowers (or "cakes" as baby calls them). Everything was perfectly wet and the ground gooey and stompabable. Mostly, we tried to enjoy all the bursting spring colors.

The little remnants of winter (and christmas) sat beyond all the wet branches

It's always fun to get out and explore, but sometimes we get caught up in needing the perfect weather and I want to try hard to not let clouds and rain get in the way of getting outside.


  1. Beautiful photographs, you captured the beginning of spring so well. I love this early spring rain, when it makes everything so fresh, so new and brings everything back to life.

  2. No flowers yet in Tennessee....this is beautiful!

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