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Friday, April 25, 2014

Out & About: Hello Robin

You know how dessert shops tend to come in faddish waves? First it's the frozen yogurt, then the cupcakes and whatever else everyone is into. I've been feeling the ice cream sandwich thing coming for quite some time. I'm not cool enough to know if it's already a thing, but I think it's a cute idea (I wanted to have a cookie food truck with the option of ice cream sandwiches in the summer months. How stinking cute would that be? Go ahead, steal my idea.)

We stopped by Hello Robin the other day and, not gonna lie, it's pretty cute (and delicious) guys. 

We tried the regular chocolate chip cookie and the gluten free Mexican chocolate cookie (which was amazing) with a heaping portion of vanilla ice cream in between. We couldn't really finish the entire sandwich but it was decadent and delicious.

I make my (ahem, amazing) chocolate chip cookies with sea salt (recipe here) so I was very pleased to see they had some sprinkled atop their cookie. Love that sweet/salty juxtaposition.

As you would expect from any adorable, urban, pastry shop their decor was perfectly cute. And they also prepped cookies right in front of you. All kinds of excitement happening over there.

And they've got a sense of humor and some local pride. Mackes'mores people! I hate s'mores (I know,   I know, I'm a demon) but someone should try them and let me know how it all works out. Or maybe Macklemore should head over there and try for himself.

If you're in North Capitol Hill and have a super sweet craving, head over to Hello Robin, you seriously will not be let down.

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