Monday, April 21, 2014

Out & About: Tallulah's

This past Friday my sister and I ventured to Capitol Hill for some girl time and a little tasty treat. We decided to try Tallulah's since we had never been. It's a friendly neighborhood spot nestled in a quieter corner of the area. 

We arrived a little earlier than the usual Friday dinner crowd so we got to enjoy our meal and scope out the perfect decor without too many people around. But once the crowds started to flow through the door I did notice that they almost entirely consisted of couples and their babies. I obviously loved seeing that, but it also made their claim to being "a neighborhood cafe" a lot more evident.

I briefly mentioned the awesome decor and I wasn't kidding (those brass lotus lanterns, gasp!) If you scope out their website, you will notice that they (owner Linda Derschang and her team) describe the design as being inspired by a recent trip to Morocco and Spain. I'll be honest, I don't really see that, other than in the tiles at the entry. But they also mentioned being influenced by mid-century design and the feel of Big Sur in the 1970's. While I wasn't alive to see Big Sur in the 70s, I can completely get that vibe. 

What captivated my attention most was their ability to blend that mid-century modernness with a little bit of eclectic kitsch (brass cats everywhere y'all) and make it work so well. As for their take on natural light, all I have to say is: yes! If you're sick of dimly lit restaurants where you can barely make out what you're eating, I would definitely recommend this spot.

While the design of the restaurant didn't necessarily remind me of Morocco, the food definitely did. Am I the only person noticing the rise in Middle Eastern inspired foods at trendy locales? 

Don't get me wrong, it's great, but coming from that sort of background I'm not exactly blown away by the Middle Eastern fusion. The funny thing is, their menu is pretty extensive and has plenty of options that are not at all inspired by the sweet scent of falafel, so the joke's on us!

And the food was great, nonetheless. 

We ordered the lamb sausage and caramelized onion and mint pesto flatbread, grilled chicken skewers with zucchini and charmoula, grilled haloumi with an asparagus side salad, a radish salad of sorts and the mandatory side of fries.

The mint pesto was a bit overwhelming on the flatbread, and the haloumi (always a bad idea) was not my favorite. The grilled flavor was just too much with the salty nature of the cheese (which should always be soaked prior to eating to neutralize that saltiness). But everything else proved to be quite delicious. The fries, bomb diggity! Some of the best I've had in a while. 

There were so many other delicious items on the menu that a second visit is definitely in order. If you're from or visiting the Seattle area, definitely pay Tallulah's a visit.

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