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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Over It All - 24 Weeks

When I was a kid and my mother was pregnant with my little brother, she wore overalls with cats on them. This memory is imprinted in my brain, for-ever. Now that it's my turn, I will say this: overalls are ridiculously comfortable when pregnant. However, I'll leave the cat prints to the original hipster.

I'm proud to say that this particular pair is not maternity, and I wore them at my thinnest post baby weight. But, by nature, overalls can be a little roomy so it's no big surprise they still work, 6 months in.

Anyways, farmer mama in the house. I'm going to go plant some more strawberries now, so it's all so fitting.

Photo Credit: Abby Williamson

Outfit -

overalls: asos // blouse: vintage (retrospect tacoma)
shoes: nordstrom rack
nail polish: essie "big apple"

1 comment:

  1. I love this overall, looks super comfortable. And the electric blue is such a lovely shade. I now wish I could see the original cat overalls!