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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Garden Things

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With the warmer weather upon us I have been thinking about our back patio a lot more. I worked on it a lot last summer, planting roses and bushes, but once the winter months roll in I tend to neglect what's outside in the cold. Anyways, I've been getting some inspiration on Pinterest for some cute/small/secluded patios and hope I can get the ball rolling with ours.

Right now we are still working on a wall to block off the rest of the world and create that secluded feeling. Once that is up, I plan to plant some vines to adorn the wall and get as many bushy, flowering plants in as possible. I want it to be a jungle with plants growing everywhere. I've also considered the idea of some sort of trellice. And of course, some sort of patio seating, not sure whether that means a table and chairs or more of a lounging style arrangement. Most of all, I want to string lights!

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