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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Grass is Greener & Sunflowers Sunnier - 31 Weeks

I'm nearing the end of 32 weeks right now, but this was the outfit I shot last week. I'm in one of my favorite vintage dresses, that I was just barely able to zip up for one last moment of frivolous fun + a flower crown (my sister makes these!)

I got a little trim last week as well, cut off most of the ombre and got bangs. It's a little messy in these pictures, but I'm loving it.

A little less than 8 weeks to go and I'm feeling great. My workout routines have helped tremendously, to the point where there are moments I forget I am pregnant, while walking around. I know that seems crazy, but I really want to emphasize how keeping fit makes everything feel so much better. 

But it's not all roses, the aches and pains (especially while laying in bed at night) are there. My back will click every so often when I move, it doesn't hurt, but it's an odd feeling. All that good stuff that pregnancy brings. My chest is getting significantly larger all of a sudden and I'm sure you've all heard me rant about how I hate large bosoms. Darn you flat chested girls!

I'm feeling very positive about jumping back to my normal self when baby comes. I feel like this time around I have a realistic understanding of how that all works and I'm ok with the process. But at the same time, I've made an effort throughout to make bouncing back quicker/easier. 

Anyways, positive body image even when pregnant, it's a good thing. Love yourself! 

Photo Credit: Abby Williamson

Outfit - 
dress: vintage // shoes: swedish hasbeens
flower crown by my sister

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  1. Adorable :)
    I had planned on starting a work out routine pre-pregnancy but we ended up getting pregnant right away and I didn't get an exercise routine in place and therefore didn't do a thing the rest of the pregnancy although I am on my feet ALL day working at a bakery. I just count that as exercise. Ha. Second time round I will exercise. Hopefully. We shall see. Your shoes are adorable as well!!