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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Taking Stock // 01

I was inspired by a friend to do this. It seems like a way to get creative juices flowing and keep me a little bit more active on the blog again, since I do miss this space so.

Making : a baby!
Cooking : berry desserts, yum.
Drinking : massive quantities of water.
Reading: Little Heathens (it's great!)
Wanting: to be prepared for the little man's arrival, with a decorated nursery and a clean home. 
Looking: at my big boy napping.
Playing: with Jude as much as I possibly can these days.
Wasting: time on Facebook. I feel annoyed when I get on (which is very rarely, actually) and before I know it an hour has gone by. Completely useless.
Wishing: I could eat a steak, right about now.
Enjoying: the little bit of rain that is feeding the garden.
Waiting: for baby's arrival
Liking: the color yellow. It's rubbing me the right way these days.
Wondering: if this little guy inside will have as much hair as Jude and if it will be dark or blond.
Loving: my husband.
Hoping: for an on time delivery and a healthy and happy little man in about two and a half weeks.
Marveling: at the wonders of family.
Needing: to finish our new nursery and wash newborn clothes! Asap.
Smelling: that cool, post-rain, air wafting through my window. 
Wearing: dresses, all day every day. 
Following: the World Cup by default, because... my husband.
Noticing: Jude doesn't look like a baby anymore. 
Knowing: everything will work out.
Thinking: I need a getaway this summer, preferably a hot beach.
Bookmarking: hot beach summer vacation spots.
Opening: the refrigerator, all day.
Giggling: at our spin instructor today, who likes to dance around the room like a spin happy clown.
Feeling: a little nervous about taking care of two littles.


  1. ooohh! love this post! i might have to copy it!

  2. Oooh love this too! Will have to steal it xoxoxoxo