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Monday, October 27, 2014

Bloggers at the Tacoma Musical Playhouse

This past weekend I attended a blogger event at the Tacoma Musical Playhouse to tour the grounds and watch a rehearsal of Charlotte's Web.

It was great to meet some new local faces and see how a community theater runs.

We got to check out everything from how the props are made to some cool spots above the stage. Of course the hit (for me) was the costume shop. I wouldn't mind being a hermit organizing a costume shop for the rest of my life.

The actors were rehearsing for Charlotte's Web, which will be running from Nov. 1st-9th. They will also be having a carnival on the first day, including little piggies. To all my local readers, get on that, it's gonna be one fun day.

Coming from a person who literally cannot act (seriously it's traumatizing to watch me try), I found it pretty amazing how good the actors are. Mostly considering they are regular people from the community, not necessarily professional actors. Needless to say, I was impressed and it was just a rehearsal!

The cast consisted of a variety of people from lawyers to pediatricians, high school kids and a few who act for a living. 

... But the costumes, oh the costumes. The racks and racks of vintage, the wigs, the shoes, the accessories galore. Heaven on earth.

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