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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Procrastinator's Guide to Halloween // Batty Bottles

Fellow party procrastinator and blogger Alexis from StyleLogical has contributed this cute little DIY for your Halloween festivities.

I’m not a DIYer. Mostly because I overthink things. This leads my brain to spin around in circles, and then I’m left with a half-painted chair that doesn’t match the rest of my dining set (oops).  However, these Halloween-themed bat-tastic milk bottles were ridiculously easy. I had no excuse.


Milk bottles – I found these in the bargain section at Target. 

Black paper – I used thicker scrapbooking paper. The thickness adds more dimension to the bats flying off the bottle.

Black and white straws – Found at my local party supply store. Target has lots of paper straws as well, but they didn’t have the color I wanted.

Black poms – Craft store.

Skewers – Grocery store.

Glue gun or tape.



• Cut out bat shapes from the black paper.
• Attach the bats to the bottle with a glue gun or other adhesive of your choice. 
• Attach a pom to the tip of a skewer – you can stab it or glue it, depending on your laziness level. 
• Fill the bottle with milk and slip in your straw and skewer. 
• Dunzo!

Thanks for sharing Alexis.

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