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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Give me some Pretty Pie

Arguably the best part of a Thanksgiving feast is the pumpkin pie, so why not give it a little more room in the spotlight?

I see beautifully styled pies on Pinterest all the time. But if you know anything about being inspired by things on Pinterest, you know that they don't always turn out the way they look. 

I've tried my hand at several super cool Pinterest ideas and had them become nothing more than a 'Pinterosity' (caramel does not stick on circular apple cut-outs, just fyi).  

I figured the beautifully done fall leaves on a pie were probably one of those things. I imagined doughy lumps, sitting shapeless a-top my pumpkin pie.

I tried to find a way for them to work and stand out against the golden tone of the pumpkin filling. 

Here are some tips I learned: 

• Make sure your dough is extra chilled when you cut the shapes out, as in place it on wax paper and let it chill after rolling out. Even while you are in the process of cookie cutting, you'll notice you may need to refrigerate half way through. The dough cannot be cold enough. 

• Let the cut-outs chill on a plate or cookie sheet after cutting them out, as well. All of this chilling will ensure they hold their shape. 

• Use a knife to add details to the leaves.

• This is probably the most important tip. Do not place them on your uncooked pumpkin pie. Wait for the pie to become partially cooked, and then open the oven and arrange your cutouts as desired. Be sure to not wait too long otherwise your pie will be overcooked and the leaves will look raw.

**Photographs of cooked pie by Candice Hackett

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