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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Have your Cake & Valentine Too

I put together some valentine inspiration with a girlishly prim party complete with sprinkled donuts and strawberries and cream.

Just as you get closer to Valentine's Day you begin to notice a rift in your friends. There are those who love the Hallmark holiday to the point where they count the days down. The others call it "single awareness day" and write boohoo posts all week.  As for me, I'll take any excuse to make cake. Valentine's Day is the unofficial step into spring. I get all excited about hearts and pink and suddenly I'm trying to wear sundresses out in the cold.

Anyways, you don't have to go out on a hot date or expect chocolates and diamonds. I think a brunch with the ladies is equally (if not more) satisfying.

Enjoy the photographs and come back tomorrow for a fun valentine's giveaway!

p.s. the lavender dress and beautiful pastel pink combo is for sale in Garden Study's Etsy shop.

Chalkboard menus by Colour and Dust


  1. I'm not a fan of the boohoo posts either. I mean, I don't celebrate Valentines day much (if at all - we have a tradition of going to grab McDonalds on Feb 14 lol). But man, head out with the girls on that day, or treat it like any other day right? :)

    Ooooo I love that pink cake stand of yours! Probably because it's the perfect shade of pink. And I love that you had a girls day out of it and played dress up! SO FUN.

  2. What a gorgeous lot of pictures! The macaroons look amazing!

  3. What an adorable girly party! I love all the decorations - especially the little cat! And the dress is to die for!

  4. All of this is just gorgeous! Lovely photos!

  5. Oh my gosh! This is absolutely lovely! The lighting is so great and I love all of the pink! I'm so jealous of this little soiree!

  6. This shoot is precious! Valentine's day is so wonderful when you realize it's really just about appreciating those you love.