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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

If a Niçoise Salad were a Hipster

... It would be a kale, haricot vert and chickpea salad.

Enough jokes. Let's talk about the tastiest lunch you could make. It's dynamic in flavor and delightfully filling. 


• Curly kale (enough for one meal)
• 1/4 cup roasted chickpeas (let them roast in the oven with salt, pepper and chili powder while you get the other ingredients together)
• A handful of green beans lightly sautéed in olive oil (you want them to still be crispy)
• 1/8 cup thinly sliced red onions sautéed lightly with the green beans
• 2 tbsp chopped roasted almonds
• Half a lemon
• 1 tbsp olive oil
• Salt and pepper to taste


• Wash the kale and set aside. Place the chickpeas on a cookie sheet to roast in the oven with desired spices.
• Start to sauté the beans, for about five minutes. Add the onions and take off the heat.
• Chop almonds.
• Toss all the ingredients into a bowl and cover with the juice of half a lemon, the tablespoon of olive oil and the salt/pepper.
• Toss until the salad is well mixed and evenly coated.