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Monday, February 9, 2015

Love Those Lips

This is no epiphany post. This isn't going to open your eyes to a magical new bold lipstick that will bring you joyous love this Valentine's day. It's just a post on pretty lipsticks, namely three of my favorites (I don't actually own Nars 'Schiaparelli' but I like the way it looks). 

Anyways, in the spirit of Valentine's day, this post is about loving your lips enough to go for the red (or hot pink). 

When it comes to the statement lip you're going to end up going through gazillions of colors before you find the right one. Beyond any of the tips, it's all about how you work it. Nothing else really matters. So here we go, take note.

Mac - Ruby Woo (or as I have recently decided to call it: the red lipstick that will fix anything in your life). This one is perfectly matte, to the point where you feel like you are drawing it on with a crayon. But guess what?! When the wind decides to turn you into Cousin It your hair won't rub it all over your face. You know what I'm talking about. I want all my bold lipsticks to be matte now. I also think the matte-ness gives your lips a sexy dry look. I'm over the shiny overdone look of satin finishes, this is the red that makes you look effortless.

And here is gorgeous Renae of Colour and Dust showing off her woo-nderful lips.

YSL - Rouge Volupté Danger

Just as the name suggests, these lipsticks seriously make your lips seem voluptuous. The satin finish is a bit more fancy to me, but this color is a great one for a true red look.

Lexi looking adorable with that red pout.

Nars - Schiaparelli 

Fuchsia is the new red. I feel like it's one of those fun colors that can be worn with a sweater and jeans to jazz up an errand outfit. I normally wear a YSL one, which is slightly more purple than this, but I'd say they are comparable. Generally speaking though, I feel more comfortable in this shade during the summer months. I also like to do some monochrome action and wear it with a similar colored top (it's pretty if it doesn't match spot on). It really brings the color to life. 

Doesn't Alexis of StyleLogical look ready for some love with those lips?! DOUGHNUT LOVE.

At the end of the day, photographs don't really do the lipstick experience justice. Go out and try them on, see what you like. Wear a monochromatic pink or red outfit for Happy Love Day and rock everyone's socks off. Thank you very much.


  1. I'm loving the YSL lipstick! Adding it to my wish list!!

  2. Loving the Ruby Woo! I agree, matte lips are the way to go :)

  3. I really need to pick up Ruby Woo! Lovely!!

  4. Red lipstick can just make a girl feel so darn beautiful! I need to pick up a nice shade for Valentine's Day... give myself a spruce up for ME!